Geckos and Tadpoles


Cambodia is a beautiful, gracious country. I absolutely loved it…except for the first “bed and breakfast” we stayed at. Check it out.

Owner: Good morning! How did you sleep?

Me: Standing up.

Owner: You not like the bed?

Me: Well, I tend to prefer my bed linens to not crunch when I lay on them.

Owner: Too much starch?

Me: I was gonna go with not enough washing.

Owner: You want to sign up for our cooking classes today?

Me: I don’t mean for this to sound rude, but you might want start with cleaning classes.

Owner: You don’t seem happy here. Is this not what you expected?

Me: Let me see how to put this into perspective. See that chicken over there? The one pecking at my flip flop. In your brochure, that chicken didn’t have any feathers and was on a plate next to a mound of mashed potatoes and carrots.

Clerk: Well you arrived early.

Me: Uh huh. But I will say that everyone here is really sweet. For example, last night when the receptionist gave me my arrival drink and I told her I thought there was a tadpole in it, she fished it out for me. That was really nice. And the little guy who brought my luggage to the room. When I asked him where I could find the geckos that were being advertised on the sign on my bedroom wall, he reached right under my pillow and pulled one out for me. You don’t get that level of service everywhere.

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