The Surprise Puppy!

Another Creative Gem from my Childhood

I found this book I created in first grade. Too funny…


I couldn’t even spell my name correctly on the cover. David Robet. Where the hell was my editor?


I guess I really wanted a puppy. Or a vase for all of the flowers I drew.


Okay, more flowers. And we never had fresh flowers in our house. My parents could barely afford to feed and clothe us. This must be a novel.


I have no clue why I would I have wanted a puppy named John. I didn’t even know a John. And look how big the box is. I’m scared to think about what kind of puppy is in there.

I won’t bore you with the entire book so I’ll get right to the climax.


Notice the hovering Santa sled, sans reindeer. And why is there a talking banana in the sky? And that poor little puppy is still in the box.


Oh Thank God. The puppy is out of that box. And all of a sudden it’s sunny?


Shockingly, no one had any interest in my book. I don’t get it. This was riveting material in 1975. My own mother, who by the way had a cameo role in the book, didn’t even check the damn thing out? Another missed opportunity to build my confidence. Thanks, Mom!

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