Water Sports

My latest discussion with Pete.

Me: The water department called today.

Pete: Oh yeah? What did they say?

Me: They asked me if we were running a water park.

Pete: That’s a strange question.

Me: Not when you take into consideration we consumed 11,000 cubic feet of water last month.

Pete: Is that a lot?

Me: That’s like 88,000 gallons of water. In one month.

Pete: That doesn’t seem so bad.

Me: That’s like 5 swimming pools.

Pete: Above or in-ground?

Me: Maybe we should cut back on watering the lawn.

Pete: I want green grass.

Me: Shorter showers?

Pete: I have back issues. The hot water helps.

Me: Okay, but I’m probably going to have to start selling myself on Craigslist to pay for the water bill.

Pete: Do you think you’ll be able to generate enough revenue? At your age?

Me: I hate you.

2 thoughts on “Water Sports

  1. I have to agree with Pete on this one. I’m not sure you’ll be able to get enough repeat business to pay that bill with your body alone. Maybe you can mow some lawns or shovel some snow during the winter. I can throw you $50 if you come by and clean out my gutters.


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