Wiki and Hobbs


Here is a formal introduction.

Wiki is the Jack Russell Terrier. A better description would be the 12-pound tornado. She was born in April and arrived here in late May. Hobbs is the Chihuahua, or as I refer to him “The creator of the tiny turds left behind all of the furniture.” He was born in May and was rescued from a shelter in Arkansas. He arrived here in September.

At 6 and 5 months old, respectively, I am in house training hell. I woke up this morning and walked into a scene from the Exorcist. I needed a HazMat suit.

Wiki is salt of the earth. A bit blue collar. Hobbs is an elitist, which is odd because he came from a shelter and Wiki came from a breeder. I captured this picture the other day. It sums up Hobbs’ personality.

I just can't.

I just can’t.

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