Movies in an IBS World

This is a bit juvenile but it makes me chuckle.

If movies were told by those suffering from IBS, we might have had:

  • Stall Wars
  • August: Osage Cramping
  • Ordinary Poopy
  • Harry Pottie
  • I know Where You Shit Last Summer
  • A Few Good Movements
  • Turdman
  • Bloatbusters
  • The Constipation Game
  • Poopanormal Activity

I know you have one recommendation of your own…

2 thoughts on “Movies in an IBS World

  1. We’ve become obsessed since your post with finding movie names that work. Feels like it could be a great way to spend the night, sitting around the fire with a few drinks. Just saying…
    Forrest Dump.
    See, they just keep coming.


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