The 5 Things I Thought of When I heard About the Starbucks Cup Controversy


I respect people of all faiths and beliefs, even when those contradict my own beliefs. I don’t always agree but I do always try to understand. However, this whole Starbucks cup thing is driving me nuts. I have a strong suspicion this whole story is a farce but if there is any truth to it, here are my thoughts.

  1. I don’t ever recall seeing an image of Jesus on a Starbucks cup so it’s not as though Starbucks is kicking Jesus to the curb. Geez. Calm down. And if you’re that worked up about it, bring in your own ceramic mug. You know, the one you made at last year’s Bible Bazaar that’s in the shape of the manger. That would settle the issue.
  2. What does a missing snowflake or two on a paper cup have to do with Christmas? They celebrate Christmas near the Equator, too, you know?
  3. If I’m paying $7 for a Vente Latte, I’d prefer to have my own picture on the cup. Airbrushed. Great back lighting. Bulging abs. Etc.
  4. To quote my younger sister (even though it’s not the same Holiday, the point is valid)… “What the hell does Jesus have to do with Easter?” For decades, we have allowed retail businesses to redefine the true meaning of Christmas. Nowadays, its all Santa, Reindeer, cheesy Yankee Swap gifts, empty checking accounts, guilt, and aggressive Walmart shoppers. It’s a bit unfair to pin the destruction of Christmas solely on Starbucks.
  5. I’m sure when Jesus returns he’ll likely spend his first few hours securing a restraining order against Michelle Bachman before popping over to the homeless shelter to help serve Christmas dinner. I don’t see him organizing a boycott of Starbucks. I’m willing to take bets on this.

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