I’m Being Eaten Out of House and Home


A rare moment when Wiki and Hobbs are both sleeping (or at least still). I can finally focus on some writing, and home repairs. LOL

They’ve been devils this week. Here’s a list of what they’ve eaten:

  • Antenna from internet router
  • Tea light candle
  • My Visa credit card
  • My health insurance ID card
  • All of the flowers from an Iris plant
  • Part of our down comforter
  • Two corners of a throw pillow
  • 11 socks
  • Part of a pair of jeans
  • A rather large portion of the bottom of our leather couch.
  • A 6 foot section of baseboard
  • The shoelaces from 2 pairs of my gym shoes

I have literally sprayed the entire house with sour apple. Let’s see if that works.


9 thoughts on “I’m Being Eaten Out of House and Home

  1. Poor Wiki and Hobbs! First, you don’t feed them enough and then you complain 😛
    Oops! I hope this won’t make the animal rights activists turn up in arms against you. It’s a joke, people. Relax! 🙂

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