Sun Visor Design Flaw

I had some business out of town so I rented a car rather than put the miles on my own vehicle. About 30 minutes into my drive the sun peered through the clouds, impairing my vision. I leaned forward and then to the side in an attempt to find a spot where the sun wasn’t blinding me. No luck. So, I pulled down the sun visor. Bad idea. I had a better chance of seeing with the sun in my eyes. How could this visor be legal? Once I was able to pull over, I snapped this picture. LOL



5 thoughts on “Sun Visor Design Flaw

  1. Are you sure you didn’t pull the top down in the wrong direction? 😛
    I can imagine the response of the car maunfucturers : ” Well, at least the sun’s not in your eyes anymore. Now, you want to see what’s ahead too. Ugh… these new age drivers, I tell you! “

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  2. This is why sun visors are designed to rotate 240 degrees… The ideal viewing angle is 45 degrees from the closed position… this give optimum viewing and sun protection… however; should you rear-end someone… your head will be stopped by the visor… So I guess it shields you from the windshield…

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