Recurring Toaster Strudel Dream

Okay, so I need your help deciphering a dream. I’ve been having a strange recurring dream in which I am the Toaster Strudel kid in the TV commercials (picture below). I sneak into local diners and jump out from behind benches or potted plants and scream “Toaster Strudel” in a terrible German accent to unsuspecting guests.


Immediately after the guests jump out of their seats in shock, I either fall backward onto the floor or I slowly descend until I disappear beneath the ledge of the table. What does this mean? I have a few ideas but none spell good news for me. Does anyone else have a similar dream? It’s just me, isn’t it? I need a Xanax now.

To be completely honest. I’m sort of obsessed with this dream. I want to recreate the scene in a video. I think it would be hysterical. Or maybe just really creepy. Ooh, maybe a Halloween costume?